Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABT at Bard College, Friday October 17, 2008

The program and dancers:


Choreography by Twyla Tharp
Staged by Elaine Kudo
Pianist Barbara Bilach
Music by Willie "The Lion" Smith
Original costume design by Santo Loquasto
Lighting originally by Jennifer Tipton

Kristi Boone, Marian Butler, Yuriko Kajiya, Simone Messmer, Renata Pavam, Devon Teuscher, Tobin Eason, Thomas Forster, Jeffrey Golladay, Craig Salstein, Eric Tamm, Roman Zhurbin


Choreography by Twyla Tharp
Staged by Elaine Kudo
Songs sung by Frank Sinatra
Lighting originally by Jennifer Tipton
Original costume design by Oscar de la Renta

Luciana Paris, Jose Manuel Carreño


Choreography by Jiří Kylián
Assistant to the choreographer Roslyn Anderson
Pianist David LaMarche
Music by Leoš Janáček ("On an Overgrown Path")
Scenery and costumes by Walter Nobbe
Costume supervision by Joke Visser
Lighting by Joop CaboortTech and light adaptation by Kees Tjebbes

Our evenings: Veronika Part, Gillian Murphy, Misty Copeland, Paloma Herrera, Marcelo Gomes, Julie Kent, Kristi Boone

A blown-away leaf: Julie Kent, Misty Copeland, Jared Matthews, Gennadi Saveliev

Come with us: Jared Matthews, Thomas Forster, Gennadi Saveliev

The Madonna of Frydek: Veronika Part, David Hallberg and ensemble

They chattered like swallows: Gillian Murphy, Julie Kent, Misty Copeland, Kristi BooneWords fail: Paloma Herrera, David Hallberg, Marcelo Gomes, Jared Matthews, Gennadi Saveliev, Thomas Forster

Good night: Kristi Boone, Alexandre Hammoudi

Unutterable anguish: Veronika Part, Julie Kent, Misty Copeland, Paloma HerreraIn tears: Julie Kent, Gennadi Saveliev, Jared Matthews

The barn owl has not flown away: Gillian Murphy, Marcelo Gomes


Choreography by Paul Taylor
Reconstructed by Patrick Corbin
Songs sung by the Andrews Sisters
(The songs express typical sentiments of Americans during World War II)
Costumes by Santo Loquasto
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton
Lighting recreated by Brad Fields

Bei Mir Bist du Schon: Full cast

Pennsylvania Polka: Maria Ricetto and Tobin Eason

Tico-Tico: Arron Scott

Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!: Craig Salstein with cast women

I Can Dream, Can't I?: Nicola Curry

Joseph! Joseph!: Karin Ellis-Wentz, Mary Mills Thomas, Nicole Graniero, Isaac Stappas, Tobin Eason, Craig Salstein

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (of Company B): injured Herman Cornejo replaced by Joseph Phillips

Rum and Coca Cola: Misty Copeland with cast men

There Will Never Be Another You: Simone Messmer and Grant DeLong

Bei Mir Bist du Schon: Full cast

Overgrown Path and Company B were ABT premieres.

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